02 Complete engagement with construction site supervision - according to the OAI

The aim of architecture is to design and build buildings and spaces which meet the following criteria: beauty and harmony | comfort, use | continuity and sustainable development.
The architect’s primary role is to take into account and defend the interests of the client and more broadly, that of the users. This specificity gives the architect a cultural, social and economic responsibility.
In this complex process, the architect is not only the designer, coordinator and expert, but also the adviser who provides the client with his/her experience and expertise as a professional.

Services provided by the architect
The architect’s work is not limited to artistic and design services, far from it. His/her services cover over 100 specialised tasks that come under 9 separate stages:

1 Researching the project’s basic details, legal framework
2 First draft design, architectural design and sketches
3 Project, development of the design, cost analysis
4 Applying for permits
5 Detailed studies and plans of the construction elements
6 Developing specifications books according to the trade construction works
7 Invitations to tender and assessment of offers
8 Managing the performance of the works
9 Assistance with acceptance of work done
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