01 Complete engagement with guaranteed budget and construction deadlines - according to the Architectes-Bâtisseurs format​​​​​​​
With an architect who is a member of the Architectes-Bâtisseurs association, you will discuss your project and seek the right solution until it is put on paper exactly as you imagined it, taking into account your taste, your style and your budget: the architect will draft a sketch. With him/her, you will determine the materials and techniques that you would like to use to build your house.
He/she will take care of the building permit, contact the contractors (including those you want to consult), meet the technical and financial constraints and offer you the support of an insurance policy that will guarantee the budget and construction deadline of your project.

Architectes-Bâtisseurs will carefully examine the construction files, check the feasibility of your project and provide you with a technical, legal and administrative opinion.
The insurance is granted based on a complete file for your project, drawn up by the architect. As soon as you receive the guarantee certificate, you can begin work on your building site with complete peace of mind. These numerous internal checks enable the insurer to cover the risk at a moderate premium.

What are the benefits of the Architectes-Bâtisseurs format?
Its services: guaranteed estimated budget and deadline.

When the client and the architect have reached an understanding, the two parties sign a definitive agreement in which the architecture engagement is described in detail.

With the Architectes-Bâtisseurs format, this agreement contains an additional engagement: the client gives the architect the mandate to act on his/her behalf. He/she thus carries out the overall management of the building site and has authority over the companies. He/she is your single contact person: the technical quality, deadlines and financial aspects are always in keeping with your interests.

The insurance policy takes effect when the suspensive clauses are lifted, as soon as the building permit and, if applicable, the mortgage, are granted, and after payment of the insurance premium. The premium is 1% of the agreed price, including fees and taxes. In order to cover its monitoring work, Architectes-Bâtisseurs receives a percentage of the total price of the building, calculated on a sliding scale (from 1.4 to 0.9%).
This continuous monitoring makes it possible to work under the best conditions and provide the client with the best value for money.
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