04 Interior design - A unique interior that reflects you perfectly
An interior designer offers the following services: creative, formal, technical, social, economic and environmental planning of interior spaces as well as coordinating and supervising the implementation. 
With the help of highly advanced immersive 3D and interactive 3D technology, we take extra care to ensure that the client understands the project. This means that you can visit your project as if you were there, even before it is built.

The services offered can be summed up in the following phases:
1. Researching the project’s basic details.
2. First draft design, architectural design and sketches.
3. Project, developing the design, budget estimate.
4. Final execution design, detailed plans.
5. Developing specifications books according to the trade construction works.
6. Invitations to tender and assessment of offers, building site schedule.
7. Managing the performance of the works.
8. Assistance with acceptance of work done.

Areas of practice for information purposes only, non-exhaustive list:
Interior design and decoration
Design of interior spaces
Vertical cadastre for existing buildings
Designing exhibition stands
Advice on procedures for assigning interior design engagements (competitions, etc.)
Designing furniture and other objects
Expertise in the field of interior design
Project management in the field of interior design (coordination, steering)
Renovations / restorations of historic buildings and monuments
Interior conversions of buildings
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