03 Partial engagement / customised -  Selected according to your specific needs
According to Article 29 of the OAI charter, the basic engagement is made up of the following Operations Phases. Several of these 8 steps can be combined according to the specific needs of each client and each project:

1. Data search, first draft design
Search for prerequisites required for a construction project.
First draft design
2. Project (integration of project components)
Developing the final project design.
3. Building permit.
Preparing the documents and plans needed in order to apply for the required permits.
4. Final execution design.
Drafting the construction execution details.
5. Specifications and quantity survey.
Assistance with the awarding of contracts.
6. General management of the project implementation, assistance with acceptance of work done.
7. Lifting of reservations and detailed accounts.
8. Various administrative tasks.

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